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Full Production - $1000 (w/out live drummer) $1250 (w/ live drummer)

One fully written, produced, mixed, and mastered song featuring:

Johnny Zirkel - Writing, Producing, Engineering

Rob Freeman - Mixing

Mike Kaladjian - Mastering

Songwriting and Pre Production - $500

One song fully written with pre-production by Johnny Zirkel. This includes developing the song in protools with samples, plug-ins, and effects so that many (if not all) of the songs elements are ready for the final studio/mix sessions. Artist will receive a demo and the individual track stems. No mixing or mastering.

Songwriting - $200 and 5% Publishing

One fully written song. Artist will leave with a demo. Song can be written with or for the artist. If the song is written for the artist, up to two sets of notes may be submitted.

Beats - $200 and 5% Publishing

One full original beat created for the artist with the artist's input and specific wants/needs in mind. The beat will include an intro, verse, chorus, verse, chorus, bridge, chorus format. Adjustments can be maid to this format per request (before production begins). Artists will be able to submit up to two sets of notes.

Vocal / Instrument Tracking - $20 per hour

Straight tracking. No additional mixing or editing.

Vocal / Instrument Tracking (with mixing/editing) - $35 per hour

Great for voice overs.

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